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Our knowledge is gained from several generations of Van Buren, every new generation adding new input and innovations into the business. This is the root or our 150 years of success in the process of tanning furs and skins.

In 1861, Sjoerd van Buren started a business for skinning and trading of skins/furs in a small village called Oosterlittens. He separated the fur from the leather and sold the intermediate goods separately. The business was transferred from father to son in 1903 and moved to Bolsward, where it is still established till this date. In 1969 we started tanning and focused on producing high quality sheep fur, wool and leather. Intended for decoration, health or daily use, adding comfort to your life.  The demand for high quality products is ageless, therefore we are still producing till this date.

Since 1976, this is done under the direction of Thomas and Rients van Buren. In 2008,  Jolt van Buren (son of Rients van Buren) joined the family business to ensure the future. Combined we have a heritage of knowledge and experience for more than a century. Something we are proud of!

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